Getty signage

Getty signage

Concept We found the square grid of the Getty to be its most prominent feature. Specifically, the way the grid warps and appears to change as it wraps around the curves of the architecture. We were inspired to make manipulations to the square Grid that can show direction and be used to differentiate buildings.

An exploration and experimentation of creating a new signage/way-finding system for the Getty Museum.


Collaboration with Ayden Stockton and Conner Rouse.

Materials Our Goal was to make a signage system that effectively complemented these existing features of the museum as well as incorporating materials that were already being used around the Getty. We felt to best complement the colors and texture of the stone, our materials for the signage system should expand from the various metals that already accented the museum.
Building Identifiers .
directional interior Signs The idea of the warped grid is continued in the directional signage within the museum. The warp shape breaks out of the square template in order to signify a direction. This is the only time the warp is not confined within a square. The textual information regarding where the arrows are pointing is placed on a square placard adjacent to the warp shape. .


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