Lunar Timeline

lunar timeline

There is a commonly held belief that lunar cycles, especially full moons, drastically affect crime rates. According to “Lunar Effect” conspiracy theorists, both human beings and animals are significantly affected by the moon’s cycles. Dr. Arnold Lieber, Miami psychiatrist and author of The Lunar Effect (1978), proposes that the moon’s gravitational pull creates “biological tides” that disrupt and affect human behavior by altering mental stability.


Moreover, in 1978, the University of Washington reviewed over 11,000 cases of aggravated assault over a 5-year period and concluded that more crimes occurred during a full moon. Similarly, in 2006, Dr. Michael Zimecki of the Polish Academy of Sciences examined crimes reported to three police stations in European towns over a four-year period.     Dr. Zimecki’s study also concluded that crime rates increased during a full moon.


The goal of this project was to test the Lunar Effect theory by analyzing crime rates during the eight lunar phases that occurred in April 2016. The timeline showed the robberies, thefts, and burglaries that took place within a five-mile radius of Los Angeles during those evenings.


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