St. Paul Branding


Founded in 1956, St. Paul High School has one of the richest histories amongst private High Schools in Southern California. Realizing that society is ever-changing, St. Paul is committed to developing the character and skills which will help its students actively participate in today’s world. Though these core values and reputation have remained consistent, their visual identity has varied throughout our history.


Realizing the importance of a clear and distinctive brand identity when communicating with their audience, we spent the two months envisioning the future of the St. Paul brand. The objective of this exercise is to ensure that the identity is consistent across all applications and captures new audiences in an authentic and meaningful way. The results of these efforts are displayed here, and this guide will serve as a directive for implementing the St. Paul Brand Identity System moving forward.


The purpose of this manual was to provide a framework that enables the St. Paul High School staff, coaches, and suppliers to express the newly developed brand effectively across a broad range of applications and media.



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